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Udaan Lali

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  • The de-husked seed that remains after the seed coat is milled off which is rich with starch and fatty acid and is used as cattle feed.
  • Isabgol Lali contains 30-40% Crude Protein and Isabgol Gola contain about 18-20% CP on dry matter basis. Due to it being rich in protein, it not only increases the milk production but also improves the digestive system and keeps cattle healthy.
  • This is one of the finest dairy cattle feed which provides best possible nutrition to the cattle.


  • Protein: 38 – 39%* [NDDB, Anand]
  • Fat: 18 – 20* [NDDB, Anand]

How to use:

  • Take round tub as per requirement.
  • Add Udaan Lali Feed in it.
  • Add water for soaking the lali feed.
  • Remain the feed for 6 – 8hr.